You Can Trust Our Name: We’re Spokane Pros at Tree Removal

Almost everyone has a few trees planted on their property but seldom thinks about them—until, that is, the tree dies or gets a disease or grows so large it threatens the property owner’s house. Then, all of a sudden, you realize you have a tall, massive and sometimes dangerous object that is quite beyond your expertise to deal with. That’s when you want to call in an expert service like Spokane Tree Pro for a painless tree removal.

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Why you need a service for a tree removal

There are three major reasons why a homeowner might want or need to remove a tree from their property: tree health, threat to property, and/or landscape design. 

Tree Health

Just like any other living being, trees are subject to getting illnesses or aging and dying. In addition, some fungal infections or parasitic insects that affect individual trees can only be prevented from spreading by removing that tree. If you notice anything odd about your tree—dead patches; dramatic, unseasonal color changes in leaves; signs of insect activity in the bark or wood—it may be time to consult with a professional arborist to diagnose your tree and discuss removal options.

Threat to Property

As mentioned before, trees are large and can be dangerous. Overgrown limbs can snap off and crush parts of your roof; whole trees can be uprooted during storms and fall on your buildings or cars. If you have a large, full-grown tree encroaching on your house or entangled with electrical wires crossing your property, we strongly advise you to reach out to a professional service immediately. Besides providing basic tree removal, Spokane Tree Pro works with Avista in the Spokane area to prune or remove trees growing too close to power lines.

Landscape Design

It happens: sometimes you realize that a particular tree doesn’t look right beside your house, or is hard to design around based on its location. Sometimes you have lots of trees on a lot that needs to be cleared for construction. A good tree service can work with you to remove or log even these healthy trees that just isn’t right for your property. At Spokane Tree Pro, we even offer a free new tree to plant in place of every tree we remove, so we can contribute to bettering the design and beauty of your yard. 

How is a tree removal executed?

Tree removal require considerable expertise due to the many limbs and sizable trunk. With the right skills, knowledge, equipment, and crew, though, the job can be done swiftly and efficiently, with minimal damage to the surrounding property. 

At Spokane Tree Pro, we know that the best approach to tree removal is from the top down. We limb your tree, chip and/or haul away the limbs, and then start cutting the trunk into small manageable chunks that can be lowered to the ground. We also own the proper equipment for cutting down and transporting even the largest trees from your property. 

Some tree removal tips

  • The best time for tree removal is the autumn, since this allows the ground to recover by spring.
  • Spokane residents do not need a city permit for removal of trees fully on their property. On the other hand, to delimb a street tree leaning into your property, or to work on a tree that leans over a street or intersection and will take more than half an hour to remove, a permit will be required.

If you have any questions or concerns about a tree on your property, reach out to Spokane Tree Pro today. We can assess your trees, estimate the cost, and execute even the most complex tree removal for you.