High-quality tree pruning is a real artform, because it not only improves your tree, but also contributes to the overall quality of your property. The best pruning, therefore, takes the kind of knowledge and experience that only ISA-certified arborists, like all of us at Spokane Tree Pro, can offer. Whether you have a mature tree that needs corrective or preventative pruning, a young tree that needs a bit of help in developing a strong structure and desirable form, or a landscape shrub that’s gotten a bit out of control, your plants will benefit from a judicious application of Spokane Tree Pro’s expert TLC.

The Basics

Pruning is the most common tree and shrub maintenance practice, as well as an important preventative measure. With proper pruning, you can improve your tree’s health and longevity, thus decreasing the likelihood of expensive tree and stump removal procedures. It focuses on the careful removal of any dead, damaged, diseased, or otherwise unwanted tree branches.

Proper pruning of trees will add to their aesthetic value, improve their strength, and maintain their safety. Since improper tree pruning can cause irreparable damage to a tree, and even shorten its lifespan – not to mention create hazards for people and buildings – we strongly recommend that homeowners turn to professionals for their tree trimming services, rather than attempting them alone.

Why Prune Your Trees?

People tend to think they can leave their trees alone, until suddenly there’s a storm and the entire thing falls over. That (among other, less catastrophic reasons) is why we recommend regular pruning and maintenance for all your trees and large shrubs. 

Here are some other good reasons to call in Spokane’s best tree pruning professionals:

  • Removing diseased, dead, or storm-damaged branches for safety and better appearance.
  • Allowing for new growth and better air circulation by thinning the crown.
  • Reducing the height of the tree (but never by topping it).
  • Raising the canopy to improve the health of your yard.
  • Removing branches that are in your way or encroaching on your buildings.
  • Improving the view from and of your house.
  • Shaping the tree for greater beauty and balance.

The Three Goals of Tree Pruning

1. Safety

By removing damaged or diseased branches, you reduce the risk of failure from wind, snow load, or even just strain on the tree. This helps protect you and visitors, as well as property and buildings around the tree. It also improves the tree’s structural integrity, for increased longevity.

2. Health

By removing diseased or parasite-infected wood, pruning increases the tree’s overall health. Thinning out unhealthy branches also promotes air-flow and light access within the tree’s canopy, and removes crossing or rubbing branches that can create ‘wounds’ in the bark and make the tree more prone to infection. 

3. Aesthetics

A trained arborist can see the natural form and character of your trees and shrubs, and prune them accordingly. Judicious pruning can therefore create more beautiful landscaping – not to mention improve the street-view of your house, as well as your view out the window. 

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Maybe you’ve invested in trees as part of your landscaping improvements. Maybe you bought a property that came with some gorgeous old trees. Maybe young trees have since gotten so big that you’re a bit worried about your buildings in case of a storm. Whatever the case, we are the Spokane tree pruning service who can help you maintain your trees on a regular basis, to help them look their best and stay strong and healthy. We’ll be happy to take a look at your trees and give you an assessment of what kind of pruning service they may need. 

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