Not Every Tree Service Offers Stump Removal, but Spokane Tree Pro Does

Stumps come in all shapes and sizes, in all kinds of conditions, from rotting to freshly cut. Sometimes you need a swathe of land cleared; sometimes you just end up with a pesky stump when a tree fell over in winter. Whatever the reason, Spokane Tree Pro can help you out.

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Why you need a service for a stump removal

It’s true that you can rent a stump grinder for a day, so you might be wondering why you even need to hire a professional for the project. Here are several things to think about:


Rental grinders are usually only intended for very small stumps from saplings or large shrubs. Any kind of larger tree will require a very powerful machine with carbide cutting teeth, so they can chew through the stump with ease. Spokane Tree Pro owns just such a grinder, so we can take care of any stump removal, no matter the tree’s size or density. 


A home stump removal may not get very close to the ground, which will leave a bald spot in your landscaping from the leftover wood. A professional, however, can grind the stump well below grade, leaving behind a 6-12 inch hole to fill with topsoil for grass or a new tree planting. Spokane Tree Service also offers the option of hauling off the stump chips, leaving your lawn fresh and ready for mowing or other care. 

Surrounding Conditions

Even if you are working with a small stump and feel confident in your ability to remove it yourself, you may not have considered whether you’re working in rocky soil, or among roots from surrounding plants, or with a particularly tough type of wood. You may damage your tools against rock, or negatively affect other plants in your landscaping, or find that your home tools are not up to the job after all. You can spare yourself these headaches by contacting a professional service like Spokane Tree Pro to assess the stump removal and complete the job with minimal hassle. 

Number of Stumps

No matter what kind of stump you’re working with, if you have a whole field full of them to remove, it’s probably time to call in the professionals. When clearing land for a building or other project, it’s crucial to get the entire stump and root system for multiple trees and to complete the job speedily. Spokane Tree Pro has the equipment and manpower needed to make land clearing as painless as possible for the property owner. 

Why choose Spokane Tree Pro?

Often when you remove a tree, the stump removal is a natural extension of the process. Not all tree services offer stump removal, but at Spokane Tree Pro, we believe in leaving our customers completely satisfied. That’s why we have invested in a professional stump-grinding machine and expert arborists who can handle any tree or stump removal you need. Contact us today to inquire about that stump that’s been making it hard to mow your lawn for years, and we’ll get rid of it for you today.