Choosing the right tree service can seem like a headache at times, but it doesn’t have to. No matter whether you’re feeling the threat of an overhanging tree branch or worrying about moss growing on your roof under too much shade or disliking the look of the dying tree on your property, a professional tree service like Spokane Tree Pro can solve your problems. Here’s what you’re looking for when you reach out for a tree removal, pruning, or other service.


A business license means that the tree service has registered with the city. This ensures that all employees will receive workers’ compensation in case of injury, and that the business exists as a taxable entity. Unlicensed tree service companies are illegal, so be sure to investigate this matter. Spokane Tree Pro’s license number is SPOKATP831MO. A business bond means that the tree service works with a surety company. In case of severe property damage or a major problem resulting from the job, the homeowner can file a compensation claim with the surety company. Spokane Tree Pro’s bond number is NAV00010797


Insurance is a more familiar term, but in the case of businesses, what a client wants to see is liability insurance. This is used when damage or injury occurs during a job. A business with liability insurance will take care of the problem for the homeowner, instead of forcing the homeowner to file a claim through their home insurance. Spokane Tree Pro is insured and undergoes yearly insurance inspections to ensure the quality and safety of the services we offer our clients.


Certification with an organization that maintains arboriculture standards is also a necessity. This ensures that the employees are trained adequately with either a degree in arboriculture or three years of full-time practical experience in arboriculture. Having reached this level of qualification, they then must pass an exam to gain their certifications. We are proud to report that Spokane Tree Pro is certified through the International Society of Arboriculture


Once you’re satisfied that your chosen tree service has met the necessary legal and business qualifications, it’s also a good idea to check for reviews from satisfied customers. Google Reviews, Yelp, Homeadvisor, and Facebook can all be good ways to find out a company’s reputation ahead of time. We have satisfied customer reviews (4.9/5 or higher) on all four sites to put your mind at ease if you choose us for your tree services. 


Not all companies that provide tree care offer the same set of services. Some things like logging in preparation for a building project, or removing large stumps, or trimmings trees above a certain height require specialized equipment in order to be performed safely and well. When you contact a company for an estimate, be sure to ask what equipment they have and if there are any services they don’t offer. There’s no point asking for an estimate if the company can’t complete the job to your satisfaction.


At Spokane Tree Pro, we believe in offering a range of services to meet all our clients’ needs, so we own a 90-foot tracked lift for work with tall or dangerous trees. We also have a carbide-tooth grinder for stump removal as well as mini-skid steers and trucks for logging work.